The Flemish Rocket Organisation (VRO) is the only experimental rocketry related organisation of the Flemish part of Belgium. 

Our main objective is to promote rocket related science disciplines such as:

  • Research and development of high power type rocket motors and propellant
  • Development of required flight electronics hardware and software
  • Research regarding new materials for rocketry
  • Design, construction, testing and launching of rockets
  • Advancement of the importance of space travel

The origin of the Flemish Rocket Organisation dates from 1967. In that period Antoon (Tony) Vyverman founded our club which was then called the Belgian Organisation for Rocket Research (BVRO). From 1973 to 1978 the main objective was propellant research (zinc-sulphur and potassium nitrate-sugar). 

Our book The potassium nitrate-sugar propellant became internationally known.

During 1981 BVRO became an official non-profit organisation, in cooperation with our Walloon counterpart called the Aerospace Research Group, 

Groupe d’Etudes Aerospatiales (GEA).

International launch campaigns were mainly organised from locations in France, The Netherlands and Denmark. 

To this day the Flemish Rocket Organisation is supported by their founders who inspired new enthusiasts to realise their dreams and ambitions regarding rocketry.