Project PARSEC - Experimental Rocket-Plane

PARSEC will be a rocket airplane with a height of 1.8m, almost completely constructed from carbon. It will be powered by a bates burner develloped by Bert Kimpe (VITROX motor). More… 



DART 1992

The "DART" is the re-make of the "YOLT" which has been launched in Mourmelon in August 1991. The instrumentation of the YOLT performed well, but the parachute opened incompletely.

It was decided to keep the basic design, but to improve this rocket on the failing point, namely the parachute ejection. At the same time, other improvements have been made about the transmitter and sampling rate.

Two university theses about the roll control have been successfully completed. The roll control is implemented as a separate module in DART. Meer…



Project : ZENITH

Started : september 1997

The main idea was to launch the capsule twice :

as the alfa version with the home-made rocket engine VOX and after recovery it would become the beta-version with the French Chamois propulsor. More…


Azimuth 2003

Azimut is an experimental rocket build for the French launch campaign of the organization Planète Sciences (July 29 - August 2, 2003) by a team of 6 persons. More…


Columbo 2003

Columbo is an experimental rocket build by Bert Kimpe and Els Heynssens, with kindly support of Didier Claeys, Pascal Cornelis, Ivan van Limbergen and Jan Volckaert. More…


REDOX 2005

Experimental rocket by Bert Kimpe. More…


RAZON 2009

 Leopold Clauwaert Bert Kimpe Tony Vyverman